Cairo Lane & NW 127th St.


The project site is located in the south west of Opa-locka city. Cairo Lane runs north and south with limits on the north by NW 135th St and the canal on the south. NW 127th St. runs east and west and its limits are Cairo Lane on the west and NW 32 Ave. on the east. 

The majority of business along both corridors are scrap metal recycling, junk car yards, and used car parts.
Despite the city's effort to maintain these roads, their condition continues to deteriorate. This is due in part to the lack of a drainage system. The new roadway improvement project will address this issue by providing a new two lane roadway with a storm water drainage system that collects the roadway water runoff and discharges it to the canal on the south through a treatment structure. 

Project Tasks:

  •  A Two 12’-Lane Asphalt Roadway.

  • Drainage System with Treatment Structure.

  •  Sanitary Sewage System.

  • Water Distribution System. 

Estimated Completion Date:

April 2023