Your City at Work


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The City of Opa-locka is dedicated to improving our community, making it a safer, more beautiful place to live—a haven for families, with abundant resources and opportunities for all. With the collective effort of our city leaders, residents, and businesses, we're pushing forward with exciting changes and opportunities that will benefit our entire community. Learn more about our current initiatives and accomplishments below!


Your City at Work: Beautification Initiatives

Our City has kicked off several projects aimed at enhancing the beauty of Opa-locka. We're doing this to reignite our community's pride and ensure our streets and spaces remain enjoyable for everyone. Here's a quick overview of what we've been working on:


  • Butterfly Garden Restoration (in progress)
  • City Entry Signs Rehabilitation (in progress)
  • NW 30th Ave Landscaping Planting
  • Medians Restoration and Landscaping
  • NW 151st St. Tree Planting
  • Perviz Ave. Medians Tree Planting (completed)
  • New park fencing at Ingram, Segal, and Sherbondy Parks (completed)
  • Repainting of Government Center, Sheronbdy Village, Helen Miller Center, and Segal Park (completed)

Your City at Work: New, Affordable Housing

Strong neighborhoods make a strong city. With our dedication to affordable housing, we're fostering a vibrant and inclusive Opa-locka. We're proud to introduce the Redwood Mosaic Apartments at 13800 NW 22nd Avenue. This 98-unit landmark, set to complete in 2024, is our city's first major housing development in a decade, promising a brighter, connected future for all residents.

Your City at Work: Public Safety 

At the heart of our community lies a strong commitment to public safety. Our meticulously trained Opa-locka Police Department, equipped with the latest technology, works tirelessly to protect every resident and visitor. By joining forces with other law enforcement agencies and engaging with our community members, we ensure everyone can thrive in a secure environment.


  • Reopening of the Opa-locka Police Headquarters on the lower level of the Government Center - Scheduled Completion: September 2023
  • Increased installation and use of Shotspotter technology - COMPLETE
  • Increased surveillance of illegal dumping activities in highly impacted areas - COMPLETE

Your City at Work: Landmark “Historic City Hall” Restoration

Our iconic "Historic City Hall" is set for a full restoration by Winter 2023. Built in 1926, this unique three-story symbol of Moorish Revival Architecture is a testament to Opa-locka's rich cultural tapestry. With a budget of $1,452,330, funded mainly through grants and our City's fund, we're upgrading it from the ground up, from electric to improved access for those with disabilities. This renewal will not just preserve history but will reposition the building as a hub for cultural events and community gatherings.

Your City at Work: Modernization & New Technology

We are digitizing city services, giving you online access to information and resources, making everything easier and more convenient than ever.

Your City at Work: Building & Licensing Improvements

We’re improving our Building & Licensing Department, which helps oversee construction, permits, and building compliance. This department is now readily accessible on the first floor of the Government Center and will feature technology improvements, such as online permitting.

Your City at Work: New Programming & Resources

We are expanding our range of programs to better serve our senior citizens and special needs communities.

Your City at Work: Expansion of Career Opportunities

Opportunity is knocking, and we're opening the door to economic growth. With tailored programs, resources, and incentives, we're positioning our city as a fertile ground for businesses to flourish.

Your City at Work: A Haven for Businesses

Our City isn't just a place to live—it's a place to thrive. By nurturing a business-friendly environment, we're laying the groundwork for more job and small business opportunities, supporting our residents and fueling economic growth.


  • The Mayor’s Business Luncheon Held in June 2023 at the Historic Opa-locka Train Station

Your City at Work: Capital Improvement Programs

Our city's transformation is more than just a vision—it's a reality. As we embark on major economic and infrastructure projects, we're building a foundation for prosperity that will benefit generations to come.