The City of Opa-locka’s Grant Application was selected from amongst one of hundreds of competing cities in the United States to be awarded a Brownfield Assessment Grant to support redevelopment efforts. The application highlighted the City’s plans to reinvigorate development efforts within our community.

What is a Brownfield?

Brownfields are defined as ’real property,’ the expansion, redevelopment or reuse of which is complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Cleaning up and reinvesting in brownfields properties protects the environment, reduces blight, and takes development pressures off greenspaces and working lands.

What is the Brownfield Assessment Grant Program?

  • The City received $400,000 in assessment funding ($200,000 for hazardous substances and $200,000 for petroleum substances) through the United States Environmental Protection Agency Brownfields Program.
  • Grant funds can be used for Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, public health monitoring, clean-up planning and community outreach activities. Funding is available on a city-wide basis.

What does the Brownfields Grant Do & What Does it Pay For?

  • The Brownfield Grant pays for Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment for both publicly and privately-owned properties.
  • The grant eliminates the "unknown factor" with respect to environmental concerns that may hinder the sale of land/buildings by conducting free environmental site assessments and investigations.
  • The current grant provides property owners and prospective purchasers/developers access to a team of environmental experts who can provide advice and guidance through the assessment and redevelopment process, including identifying potential funding sources.
  • Participation in the Brownfield program is voluntary and may lead to additional federal or state funding for future economic enhancements in our community.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling My property in the Program?

  • The grant pays for the cost of Phase I the Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) saving most property owners $3,000 to $20,000.
  • An ESA Final Report is prepared by environmental experts and provided to the property owner.
  • By knowing true site conditions, the property becomes more marketable for redevelopment resale.
  • The inventoried property receives increased exposure for resale or redevelopment at no cost to the property owner.
  • Participation empowers the property owner and other stakeholders to work together to assess potential cleanup and reuse of the property.

How do I participate in the Brownfields Program?


Yesly Guillen, CIP Coordinator/Brownfields Manager
786.953.2868 Ext. 1215