Public Service & Recreation

Public Services Objective

Public service initiatives are in place to assist residents, especially those most vulnerable in obtaining access to public services. These initiatives:

  • Keep residents apprised of all City projects and request participation for consensus building
  • Help elderly or disabled residents maintain their property
  • Provide residents with referral services to other public or private agencies to accommodate the needs that can not be addressed by the City, i.e., human services, animal control, emergency management agency (hurricanes), utility companies, etc.

Recreation Objective

The recreation objective is to maintain and enhance existing parks for programmed and unprogrammed leisure activities aimed at helping the emotional and physical well-being of the residents. This objective is met through:

  • Having regular police surveillance at the parks
  • Maintaining the parks and its facilities are clean
  • Ensuring that City programs are properly supervised
  • Improving the appearance of the parks by planting additional ornamental plants and flowers

To learn more about public service and recreation initiatives, contact us at (305) 953-2868 option 5.