NW 127th St. Canal Rehabilitation Project


The purpose of this project is to rehabilitate the 127th Street canal to be an effective and resilient critical infrastructure to support stormwater drainage – which will allow Miami-Dade to reopen the flood control structure.

Protect residents and businesses from the impacts of flooding including property damage, transportation disruption, and personal safety.

This project is being funded by The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) ($7,000,000) as part of the Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program.


  • Dredging of canal to 11 ft. depth / Sediment Removal and Disposal 

  • Canal Section Redefinition

  • Widening of canal to maintain consistent section

  • Canal Bank Restoration, Reclaim Maintenance Easement and Slope Protection

  • Restore Canal Water Quality and Pollution Remediation

  • Restore Canal Water Quality and Pollution Remediation 

Estimated Completion Date: 

May 2024